Elementor Editor

There are two ways to insert a slideshow into the page:

1) From Page Settings -> Page Header settings.

Here, you can select the page title to be a slideshow (fig. 1.1):

Fig. 1.3. Display Slideshow.

Fig. 1.1. Display Slideshow.

and select appropriate slider. “Show header below slideshow” option allows you to display slideshow above the header (fig. 1.2). This options is important, because it is not available when inserting the slideshow using Elementor widget.

Fig. 1.4. Header below the slideshow.

Fig. 1.2. Header below the slideshow.

You can read more about Header style (default or transparent) here.

Important: these settings will not work if you have applied a header template for the page from Templates -> Theme builder -> Header, you will see a yellow warning as shown in the screenshot (fig. 1.3).

Fig. 1.3. Elementor header template is overwriting page settings.

Fig. 1.3. Elementor header template is overwriting page settings.

2) Elementor widget. Drag and drop such a widget as Slider Revolution or Slides, etc. to the page (fig. 2.1):

Fig. 1. Slider Elementor widgets.

Fig. 2.1. Slider Elementor widgets.

You can also set an image slideshow as background for any section (fig. 2.2):

Fig. 1.2. Background slider.

Fig. 2.2. Background slider.

Default WordPress Editor

All slideshow settings are gathered inside the “Slideshow Options” box.

Note that in order to display a slideshow in page header, you’ll need to create at least one slideshow in corresponding post type:

  • in “WP-admin -> Slideshows” for Porthole and Photo scroller;
  • in “WP-admin -> Revolution Slider” for Slider Revolution.

When you select slideshow option in Default mode, you will get an option to place it above or below header (fig. 3.1).

Fig. 1. Header below slideshow.

Fig. 3.1. Header below slideshow.

You can choose from the following slideshows:

Slider Revolution

Fig. 4.1. Slider Revolution.

Fig. 4.1. Slider Revolution.

The7 is delivered together with extremely popular Slider Revolution plugin. Read on how to install it here. In Slideshow Options (fig. 4.2), you just need to select which slideshow to display and… that’s it.

Fig. 4.2. Slider Revolution settings.

Fig. 4.2. Slider Revolution settings.

Porthole Slider

Fig. 1-1. Porthole slider.

Fig. 5.1. Porthole slider.

Fig. 2.2. Porthole slider options.

Fig. 5.2. Porthole slider options.

Photo Scroller

Settings for this slider are very complicated (see fig. 6.2). However, it allows you to craft slider layout carefully and make showy “slider-gallery” type pages. We highly recommend this slider for photographers.

Fig. 2-1. Photo Scroller.

Fig. 6.1. Photo Scroller.

Fig. 3.2. Photo Scroller settings.

Fig. 6.2. Photo Scroller settings.