Widget Settings

All widgets build into your theme are prefixed with “DT-“. E.g. “DT-Pregress Bars”, “DT-Portfolio Projects”, “DT-Contact Info”, etc.

Fig. 1. Widget back-end interface.

Fig. 1. Widget back-end interface.

Most of them have such common options as:

  • Title (optionally): this label is displayed above the widget.
  • Category: select which category of a custom post type to display in this particular widget.
  • Number of items to display.
  • Sort by: choose a parameter to order widget entries (name, date, etc.).
  • Ordering: set the Ascending or Descending mode of the ordering.
  • Show featured images.
  • Autoslide: set a animation time-out. If you point zero “0”, it disables slider autoplay. Attention! The time interval should be set in milliseconds (1000 milliseconds = 1 second).

All widgets interfaces has self-explaining settings names, so please feel free to experiment with them. You can also add widgets to the content area using WPBakery Page Builder “Widgetised sidebar” element:

Fig. 2. "Widgetized Sidebar" element in WPBakery Page Builder.

Fig. 2. “Widgetized Sidebar” element in WPBakery Page Builder.