Fancy Title

Example of a Fancy Title is shown on fig. 1. Basically, it is a page title customized with individual background, color scheme, subtitle and breadcrumbs.

Fig. 1. Fancy title.

Fig. 1. Fancy title.

Beneath the “Page Header Options”, you’ll find a “Fancy Title Options” box (fig. 2):

Fig. 2. Fancy Title Options.

There’s whole lotta settings among which:

  • fancy title layout (alignment of title + breadcrumbs) height and padding. Note that on practice, “height” setting actually is a “minimal height” value. If it’s not enough to accommodate the title, height will automatically increase to fit it;
  • option to show breadcrumbs and adjust their styling;
  • title and subtitle settings which allow to use default name of a page or type in custom text title. Apply text transformation and control size and styling;
  • various settings for Fancy Title background. Here you can upload background image, set up a parallax background, etc.;
  • responsive settings that allow applying different text sizes for different types of devices.