Header Style

In every post/page/project adding/editing interface you’ll notice “Page Header Options” box (fig. 1.1):

Fig. 1.1. Page header options.

Fig. 1.1. Page header options.

Here you can choose page header style:

  • Show page title” option will simply render the page title [and breadcrumbs, if enabled] before the main content area.
  • Hide page title” will give you blank page without title.
  • Activating “Fancy header” or “Slideshow” options unveils additional “Header overlay” options block (fig. 1.2) as well as corresponding “Fancy Header Options” or “Slideshow Options” box. You can choose one of 3 overlay options: normaloverlapping, transparent (this one will not work for sites with sidebar-style headers).
Fig. 1.2. Header overlay options.

Fig. 1.2. Header overlay options.

If “transparent” option is chosen, you’ll get additional styling options:

  • Transparent background (if enabled, you’ll be able to choose its color and opacity).
  • Text color.
  • Menu hover decoration color.
  • Layout elements (everything else except the text) color.

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