[Displaying slideshow in the header of the page/post/project is described in this article.]

To create a slideshow navigate to “WP-admin > Slideshows > Add new”. Slideshow back-end interface is very simple: you need to enter slideshow Title and add some slides in the “Add/Edit slides” box.

Once you hit “Select or upload images” button, slides editing interface will pop up (fig. 1):

Fig. 1. Add/select slides.

Fig. 1. Add/select slides.

There are 4 additional fields on the right of the slides:

  • description is text that appears underneath slide title;
  • video URL (fig. 2) allows you to create a video slide in a slider;
  • image link adds a link to a slide;
  • hide title checkbox allows to hide the slide title.
Fig. 2. Video Link

Fig. 2. Video Link

Once slides are added, they can be edited, deleted and reordered by dragging with the cursor inside of the “Add/Edit slides” box (fig. 3):

Fig. 3. "Add/edit slides" box.

Fig. 3. “Add/edit slides” box.