WooCommerce (optional)

Note that this page of Theme Options > WooCommerce is optional and will appear only if you have WooCommerce plugin installed and activated.

WooCommerce options are divided into 2 tabs:

Fig. 1. WooCommerce Settings.

Fig. 1. WooCommerce Settings.

Item settings

Here you can:

  • decide where to show product info (on or under product image);
  • show/hide product title;
  • show/hide price;
  • show/hide rating;
  • show/hide details icon;
  • show/hide “add to cart” icon.

List settings

Here you can:

  • choose WooCommerce default layout: masonry or list;
  • set gap between images;
  • set desired number of columns and column minimum width;
  • make layout “100% width”.

Product Category pages will pick Header, Sidebar and Footer settings of the Default shop page (Page you have selected in WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Display >
Shop Page)

Product settings

Allows to define number of related products displayed on a single product page.