Testimonials, Team, Benefits, Logos

Besides 3 main custom post types (“Slideshows”, “Media Albums” and “Portfolio”), there are 4 additional ones: “Benefits”, “Team”, “Testimonials” and “Partners, Clients, etc.”. They are based on the same principals as main post types, but are simpler.

Make sure that you are accustomed with “Slideshows“, “Media Albums” and “Portfolio” before embarking additional post types.



Fig. 1. Testimonials.

Testimony can be added via “WP-admin > Testimonials > Add new” interface.
Insert testimony details:

  • author name into a Title field;
  • content into Text Editor (WYSIWYG);
  • author info into “Options” box > “Position”;
  • link to author’s web-site into  “Options” box > “Link”;
  • if required, set author photo as a featured image.

You can display testimonials by:

  • assigning “Testimonials” template to a page;
  • adding “Testimonials” WPBakery Page Builder shortcode to page content;
  • using “DT-Testimonials slider” or “DT-Testimonials list” widget.



Fig. 2. Team.

Team members can be added via “WP-admin > Team > Add new” interface.

Insert team member details:

  • name into a Title field;
  • content into Text Editor (WYSIWYG);
  • member position into “Options” box “Position” field;
  • link to social profiles into corresponding fields in “Options” box;
  • if required, set photo of a member as a featured image.

You can display Team members by:

  • assigning “Team” template to a page;
  • adding “Team” WPBakery Page Builder shortcode to page content;
  • using “DT-Team” widget.

Partners, Clients, etc.

This post type is ideal for displaying sets of logos of your clients, partners, affiliates, etc.

You can add separate logos via “WP-admin > Partners, Clients, etc. > Add New” interface. Note that, in addition to a regular-sized logo (featured image), you can upload its high-res (retina) version. Logo becomes clickable if you fill the “target link:” field (see fig. 3).

Fig. 1. Logo options box.

Fig. 3. Logo options box.

“Partners, Clients, etc.” can be displayed via “DT-Partners & clients” widget and “Logotypes” WPBakery Page Builder shortcode.


Benefit post can be added via “WP admin > Benefits > Add new” interface.

Fill-in the following fields:

  • title;
  • icon: you can use a Font Awesome code in the “Options” box OR simply set featured image (you can also upload high-res (retina) icon in “Options” box);
  • external link [optionally] in “Options” box > “Target link”.

Benefits can be displayed with help of the same-named WPBakery Page Builder shortcode.