The7 Design Wizard simplifies the process of theme configuring: choose header layout, upload your logo and set up background, fonts and accent colour. The7 will intelligently calculate the best values for advanced options available in the theme.

Wizard works in two modes: it allows to “Customize Existing Design” (Only if have configured theme options already) or “Start From a Scratch” (fig. 1).

Important: Wizard will always re calculate the best values for advanced options based on your settings. so its better use it only when you start fro scratch and once you have configured basic settings better to use dedicated Theme options section for fine tuning.

Fig. 1. Wizard mode

In Wizard > General (fig. 1.1) you need to:

  • select site layout: boxed or wide;
  • set background color and image “under the box”;
  • set basic site background color.
Fig. 1. Layout options.

Fig. 1.1. Layout options.

As per fig. 2, select:

  • font-family and color for content text;
  • font-family and color for header text;
  • color accent;
  • one of 3 predefined button styles: flat, 3D, Material design.
Fig. 2. Wizard Options

Fig. 2. Wizard Options

In  Wizard > Top Bar & Header:

  • there are six header layouts available within The7 (fig. 3);
  • you can also fine-tune elements alignment;
  • you can also select header layout: boxed or wide.
Fig. 2-1. Header Layout.

Fig. 3. Header Layout.

In the Top Bar section (fig. 4), you can specify:

  • elements font color;
  • background color.
Fig. 4. Top Bar Settings.

Fig. 4. Top Bar Settings.

Then setup site navigation (fig. 5):

  • header background color;
  • main menu font color.


  • background color of the submenu;
  • font color of text in submenu.

Floating Header:

  • if this header should be enabled;
  • effect: Fade on scroll, Slide on scroll, Sticky.
Fig. 2.3. Header/Menu Settings.

Fig. 5. Header/Menu Settings.

This option (fig. 6) allows you to specify:

  • header switch point (for phones);
  • header layout for mobiles.
Fig. 6. Mobile Menu Settings.

Fig. 6. Mobile Menu Settings.

Wizard > Branding

In this section of the page, you can upload logos for different locations at your site, favicon, set up copyright information, etc. (fig. 7):

  • Logo in Header: Upload logo for ordinary desktop devices and a high resolution logo for retina devices.
  • Transparent header: Logo to display on pages using Transparent header.
  • Floating navigation: Enable/disable and upload logo in floating menu (menu which appears on the top, when you scroll down the site).
  • Mobile : Logo to display on mobile devices.
  • Bottom bar: Logo to display in the bottom bar of the site.
  • Favicon: Upload favicon, please refer here if you’r not sure about what is a favicon.
Fig. 7. Branding Settings.

Fig. 7. Branding Settings.

  • Enter copyright information (fig. 8).
  • Enable/disable Dream-Theme credit in your bottom bar.

Fig. 8. Copy right & Credits

In Wizard > Sidebar & Footer (fig. 9):

  • choose the sidebar style;
  • background color of footer and bottom bar;
  • color of headers inside footer;
  • color of content inside footer;
  • layout: number of columns.
Fig. 4. Sidebar and Footer Settings.

Fig. 9. Sidebar and Footer Settings.