Share Buttons

You can enable social like/share buttons for blog posts, pages, portfolio projects and media albums.

To do so, simply drag required button(s) to wide filed on the left (fig. 1):

Fig. 1. Adding share buttons.

Fig. 1. Adding share buttons.

There is an option of ‘Share buttons appearance’ (see fig. 2.1) which allows to change the way people interact with the social buttons at your website (see fig. 2.2).

Fig. 2.1. Allow share buttons to be always visible.

Fig. 2.2. Frontend of share buttons after choosing ‘Always Visible’

If you wish the buttons show on hover (see fig. 3.2), choose ‘Show on hover’ (see fig. 3.1) option instead of ‘Always Visible’.

Fig. 3.1. Allowing to show share buttons on hover.

Fig. 3.2. Frontend of share buttons showing on hover.