Adding & Editing Projects

[Before diving into Portfolio Projects we strongly recommend you to get accustomed with Blog Posts and Slideshows]

To create a project navigate to “WP-admin > Portfolio > Add new”.

In addition to all standard stuff like header options and widgetized areas, Projects adding/editing interface has 3 auxiliary boxes called “Add/Edit Project Media”, “Media Options” and “Project Options” (fig. 1):

Fig. 1. Project adding/editing interface.

Fig. 1. Project adding/editing interface.

Add/Edit Project Media box is 100% identical to “Add/Edit slides” box in slideshows (please refer to this article for details). Images (as well as videos) added here are called “Project Media” and can be displayed as slideshow, gallery, list, etc.

Media Options box allows you to choose the layout (Media on the left of content, Media after content area, Media before content, etc) and appearance of project media (Slideshow, Gallery or List) and choose its interposition with rest of page content.

For “Media on the left of content” and “Media after content area” you can “enable floating content”: content on the side of media will float in the same place during the page scroll.

Also note that if you decide to display project media as a slideshow, “slider proportions” setting will appear. (Don’t forget that since theme is responsive and fluid you are setting relative proportions rather then absolute dimensions)

Tip for experienced users. You can refuse using Project Media and its Options altogether in favor of using Shortcodes to build any custom layout [of project page] you like.

Project Options box. Here you can:

  • Add external project link, its caption and target (this is useful for web-dev studios).
  • Hide featured image on project page.
  • Decide whether to open larger versions of project media files in the lightbox.
  • Set category(s) for related projects.
  • Choose the project preview width (normal or wide) and style (featured image or slideshow) on the portfolio list page. If “slideshow” style is chosen, you will be prompted to set the “slider proportions”.