Testimonials Template

In order to get Testimonial posts displayed, apply “Testimonials” template to a page. This page template works almost exactly the same as other templates in The7 so there’s no need to repeat. Therefore if you are not yet accustomed with “Slideshows“, “Media Albums” and “Portfolio”, please do so.

As soon as the template is applied, you are able to see:

Testimonials Categories

Fig. 1. Testimonials Categories.

Choose which testimonials categories should be displayed in Display Testimonials Category(s) box.

Content Area Options box defines whether content added via Text Editor will be displayed on this page:

  • “no” will hide page content;
  • “first page” option will show content only on the first page of paginated content;
  • “all pages” will display content from Text Editor on every page of paginated content (when user clicks the pagination links).
Testimonial Options

Fig. 2. Testimonial Options.

In template options, you can manage:

  • layout: Masonry or Grid;
  • gap between testimonials;
  • column minimum width;
  • desired number of columns;
  • make page container 100%-width;
  • number of testimonials displayed per page;
  • loading mode: AJAX, lazy loading, “load more” button, standard;
  • loading effect.