Team Template

Besides using “DT Team” WPBakery Page Builder Shortcode, it is also possible to assign “Team” template to a page. This page template works almost exactly the same as other templates in The7 so there’s no need to repeat. Therefore if you are not yet accustomed with “Slideshows“, “Media Albums” and “Portfolio”, please do so.

As soon as “Team” template is assigned to a page, you’ll notice 3 additional boxes appear: Content Area Options, Team Options and Display Team Members by Category(s).

Team Categories

Fig. 1. Team Categories.

Select which categories should be displayed on this page:

  • All — all Team members will be shown on this page.
  • Only — choose Team category(s) to be shown on this page.
  • All, except — choose which Team category(s) will be excluded from displaying on this page.
Content Area Options

Fig. 2. Content Area Options.

Content Area Options box defines whether content added via Text Editor is displayed on this page:

  • “no” hides page content;
  • “first page” option displays content only on the first page of paginated content;
  • “all pages” displays content from Text Editor on every page of paginated content (when user clicks the pagination links).
Team Options

Fig. 3. Team Options.

Team Options box determines appearance of your team page:

  • Layout: masonry or grid.
  • Gap between team members (e.i. gap between the grid/coulmns).
  • Column minimum width.
  • Desired number of columns.
  • 100% width.
  • Background under team members.
  • Images sizing:  preserve images, proportions resize images or make images round.
  • Whether to show the excerpt.
  • Set number of team members to display on one page.

Under Advanced Settings you’ll see the options to order the items in ascending/descending order ,and by date and name.